Boston, Mass., – Randstad US, Professionals announced today winners of its Inspiring Experts contest. The nationwide video contest was designed to encourage students and professionals to make the next generation of workers aware of promising career opportunities in top industries experiencing talent shortages.

More than 300 students and professionals uploaded uplifting, thought-provoking videos highlighting the benefits of their major or industry and how they wish to impact the world through their chosen fields. Participants spread the word and solicited family, friends, classmates, coworkers and even strangers to vote for their video and win first prize.

Winners were selected in two categories: current students, 18 years of age and older who are currently enrolled in high school or an accredited college, and professionals who simply love what they do. The top student winner received a $10,000 scholarship to pursue studies in their area of interest and an iPad2, while the top professional won a $5,000 cash prize, a $5,000 gift to the charity of their choice and an iPad 2.

Connor Lock, a freshman at Georgetown University, clinched the win with his forward-looking video showcasing his enthusiasm and desire to one day work for the U.S. Department of State, specifically in democracy and globalization. With a major in the international political economy, Connor is passionate about his country and wants to spend his career working to support U.S. issues on a global scale. Connor advises young people to find a subject they are dedicated to and to subsequently never look back.

After losing his job as an AV technician in 2002, the professional winner, Dan Lamoureux, went in to business for himself and is now a successful online video and website freelance producer. Dan advises students and those wishing to pursue a stronger career to continue learning new skills well after traditional schooling is finished. With this mantra he has built his business, learned new technologies and prospered working for himself.

The second through fifth-ranked student submitters will receive a $2,000 scholarship and an iPad2, and the second through fifth-ranked professional vote-getters will receive a $1,000 gift for themselves, $1,000 for their favorite charity and an iPad2. All winners will also get the opportunity to guest blog on Inspiring Experts.

Student Winners:

1. Connor Lock, Georgetown University

2. Andres Guzman, University of Illinois

3. Lindsay Beauregard, Bentley University

4. John William Leonard, Kansas State University

5. Kristine Anne Reyes, University of California

Professional Winners:

1. Dan Lamoureux, Freelance Video Producer

2. Janet Brecher, Technology Professor

3. Bobby Erzen, President and Co-founder of Student Leadership Project

4. Stephanie Sobol, Accounting Controller

5. Rick Russo, Trial Lawyer

In 2012, Randstad US, Professionals will continue to highlight the importance of higher education and career planning by expanding Inspiring Experts into an interactive portal complete with expert advice, industry-specific discussions and various career planning tools.

“Randstad is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of the workforce,” said Dan Foley, President of Randstad US, Professionals. “Inspiring Experts will act as a resource tool for professionals, as well as students, who are either undecided about their future, looking for guidance from others within areas of interest, or just want to explore what other careers are like. The response received from our contest exceeded our expectations and I look forward to taking this campaign to the next level in 2012.”

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