Randstad US helps companies decrease workplace injuries with Safety Smart program

ATLANTA Oct. 19, 2016 – As a leader in manufacturing and logistics staffing, Randstad US provides complimentary safety consulting to clients through their Safety Smart program. With a series of new laws introduced by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), companies now face increased regulatory scrutiny and financial penalties for violating safety regulations. Beginning in 2017, OSHA will develop annual injury reports with data from certain employers  and make them available online to the general public.  The Safety Smart program was launched in an effort to decrease workplace injuries and protect their customers’ employer brands – which is now in the spotlight more than ever. 
“All employers can foster a safer workplace by establishing a strong safety culture, which starts with actions taken by management and trickles down to employees,” said Corey Berghoefer, senior vice president, risk management and insurance, Randstad US. “Through Randstad’s Safety Smart program, we are helping management align their workplace safety efforts with the expectations of federal and local institutions. Employers who can ensure their workplaces are safe will also find it easier to attract, retain and engage talent. This is especially important within the fields of manufacturing and logistics, where employees oftentimes find themselves operating machinery on factory floors where safety is vital to success.” 

As part of the offering, Randstad safety experts evaluate a company’s overall safety program to identify areas of opportunity, ensure compliance with federal and state OSHA regulations and offer best practices in order to avoid injuries. Randstad safety experts also visit client offices, manufacturing plants or other workplace environments to advise on all matters related to safety operations. These visits can include safety and risk consulting, design and implementation of safety programs, incident investigation assistance, claim analysis and more. 

As companies consider their programs, Randstad recommends that employers address the following issues to establish a workplace culture that values safety: 

  • Establish a safety committee. While a strong safety culture starts at the top, participation across an organization is essential. Leadership teams can elect a safety committee made up of employees and managers. Engaging employees in safety problem solving shows respect for both their well-being and their job expertise. They are likely well aware of the hazards, and may have already thought of safety controls that would reduce risk. 
  • Become “ergonomically correct.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 34 percent of all workplace injuries and illnesses that required days off were due to ergonomic issues. Leadership teams that oversee safety need to ensure that a job’s physical demands align with both the surrounding work environment and the specific equipment required on the job. 
  • Develop safety procedures for high-risk seasons. Although safety is important throughout the year, summer and winter should have their own safety plans in place. For example, employers should educate employees about how to avoid heat stress in the summer and trips and falls due to ice and snowfall in the winter months. 
For more information about Randstad’s Safety Smart program, please contact your local Randstad Manufacturing & Logistics branch. To stay up-to-date on workplace safety tips and tricks, please visit their workplace safety tips page.

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