We recognize the impact that legal professionals have on a business and source individuals who are experts at providing guidance and mitigating risk.

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experience and focus

Our recruiting teams are primarily comprised of former lawyers, paralegals and litigation support professionals who use their insight and intuition to match your company’s needs with the right professional and create the biggest impact.

right-fit candidates

Our legal staffing and recruiting specialists invest the time with you upfront to ensure we thoroughly understand the hiring opportunity, your company culture and any complexities of the situation so as to select the best candidate for your consideration. From compliance issues to insurance claims, documents review and litigation, we can deliver the accomplished legal talent you need to tackle your daunting workload with ease and confidence. Our far-reaching talent base is ready to step in at a moment’s notice and get to work on any case or investigation.

vetted candidates

Randstad is highly selective when choosing candidates for client introductions. We will only place professionals with the knowledge and experience to add immediate value to our client organizations. 

your recruiting team

At Randstad, we use a team approach to source candidates and generate effective placements. As a client, you will have an established relationship with an individual legal staffing and recruitment specialist in addition to the full support of the larger office team who will be apprised of your requirements and the nuances of the position you seek to fill.

flexible staffing options

In today’s litigious society, there is a growing need for on-demand legal professionals who can step in and provide immediate support to your business. Randstad understands the business and has access to accomplished individuals who can fill positions whenever and wherever you need them. We can place legal talent to work at your site or arrange for space near your office if needed. Randstad also has the ability to provide any supervisory services your project requires, along with operational guidance and support.

e-discovery expertise

E-discovery is critical for successful litigation, but it is also incredibly resource intensive. That’s why Randstad has built a network of experienced attorneys who are experts in identifying, collecting and producing electronic information. 

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