Are you using AI automation to deliver an exceptional customer experience? Believe it or not, there’s a balance between fully automating your call centers and relying on human agents to do it all. At Randstad, we recently hosted our first-ever CEX webinar where four experts weighed in on the solution: agent assist. They shared how it can help you — and your top talent — go further.

better equip your current agents

Human agents working to deliver a positive customer experience have to remember a wealth of processes and products. What’s more, these are always changing. This means savvy agents must continually learn the latest to share with your customer.

With agent assist, your teams have this knowledge at their fingertips with more accuracy and less room for error. This can create equity among your workforce. Plus, AI technology can manage the high-volume, routine tasks that take time so human agents can focus on the customer experience.

Panelist Kari Ardalan, global head at Qualtrics, elaborated. “It can problem solve, and provide simple, accurate answers better than a human,” Kari said. “This way your front-line teams can work on a more personalized customer experience, and ultimately deliver more positive CEX metrics.”

help train the new ones

If it’s hard for your current agents to keep up with changes to your products and processes, imagine what it’s like for a new agent. Agent assist can offer a powerful combination of personalization and accuracy perfect for training recent hires. For example, AI designed to push or recommend the right knowledge material will help with effective on the job training. It can also free up time for current employees to help with the onboarding process.

“Freeing up agents to train and support your workforce — both current and new hires — is a powerful way AI automation is revolutionizing the customer experience,” shared panelist Tim Houlne, CEO at Humach.

increase customer satisfaction

When your human agents are better equipped, your organization can deliver an elevated experience to the customer. Panelist Will Chen, VP, CX Delivery, Innovation and Business Intelligence at NTT, shared a use case from his own company: “Through Live Assist, we were able to reduce the average hold time on escalation calls by 60 percent,” Will explained. “This is a tangible example of how a digital agent can deliver results.”

Plus, reduced interaction time is just the start. With AI automation tools, your teams can work to provide more personalization, increased efficiency, and groundbreaking accuracy to the customer experience.

repurpose your top talent

At this point you may be thinking, with continual AI advancements, will we even need human agents at all? We’re definitely not there yet. After all, humans are needed to help tune and train AI to best serve the customer. But it does free up their time to do even more.

Panelist Alex Blouin-Nolet, senior manager of customer experience at Metro, agreed: “Put the human in the right role with the right tools, and AI can help you elevate your best talent.”

What does this look like?

  • training to manage AI now and for the advancements to come
  • upskill employees for more strategic roles and engagements
  • encourage a company culture of forward-thinking innovation
  • repurpose key talent for future-based initiatives

Will sees the possibilities as an equitable way to move your workforce forward: “With more time for your employees to elevate their knowledge of the business, they’ll be increasingly motivated, and as an added bonus, more satisfied in their careers.”

Agent assist is just the start of what AI automation technology can do for your organization. Ready to learn more? We can help with strategy, resources, and great candidates ready for the digital age.

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