digital time scheduling at your fingertips

From communicating your availability to checking your schedule to picking up additional shifts, Relevate Schedule offers all of the time scheduling options you need to stay organized and efficient.

relevate schedule overview

Randstad uses a technology partner called Shiftboard in order to bring you Relevate Schedule, our automated scheduling tool and our primary means of communicating with each other with regards to your schedule. Through Relevate Schedule you can:

  • maintain your availability, email address and mobile number
  • check your schedule and get directions to your work location
  • pick up additional shifts when they are available
  • let Randstad know if you need to call out, will arrive late or need to leave early
  • request time off
  • view your current attendance points balance

This tool is a special feature made available depending on the role and assignment. Need help? Please contact your Randstad representative for more information.

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