Randstad Technologies offers a comprehensive range of tailored data services so that you can pinpoint inefficiencies, improve operations, and make smarter business decisions. These services include:

data capture

  • Locate, collect, move, and integrate data between applications and servers
  • Build and modernize ETL (extract, transform, and load) and other data pipelines
  • Initiate or expand cloud capabilities
  • Migrate to a data lake or data warehouse

data management

  • Define the business value of your data
  • Format and curate for a deeper understanding of data opportunities
  • Improve data quality and determine context for business intelligence, AI and data science projects

data reporting and analytics

  • Design and build visualizations and efficient analytics reporting services
  • Enhance readability with modern dashboards
  • Targeted insights on the customer journey and engagement

Our approach is flexible and scalable, based on your strategy and requirements – from a few digital specialists to fill skill gaps to delivering fully managed teams. By drawing on our deep and diverse global talent pool, we can provide top talent for even the most niche data projects.

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