benefit options with your
personal needs in mind.

Our benefits packages are uniquely designed to help you and your family meet your personal and financial goals.

our offerings

401(k) plan

Build your future investments by participating in the Randstad US 401(k) plan. Details of the plan will be provided to you when you qualify.

medical and financial security

Your health benefits include the following coverage options:

Randstad Engineering offers a choice of several comprehensive medical options, such as two PPO’s, a minimum value plan or a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with HSA options to meet your healthcare needs.

Employees have access to dental coverage for their routine checkups, as well as basic and major dental needs.

Our vision plan provides coverage for eye examinations, frames, lenses and contacts.

High Deductible Health Plan with HSA: Covers a variety of IRS-qualified healthcare expenses with pretax contributions that may not be fully reimbursed by healthcare plans, such as personal or family medical and dental deductibles, expenses in excess of medical or dental plan limits and copayments.

basic and voluntary life insurance

We understand the financial and emotional burden caused by the passing of a loved one. In order to ease some of the monetary obligation and difficulty on you or your family after this unfortunate event, Basic Life Insurance in the amount of $25,000 is provided automatically and at no cost to you. You are also eligible to elect between 1x up to 5x your base annual earnings up to $500,000 for yourself and can elect various increments of voluntary life insurance for your spouse/domestic partner and your dependent children.

accidental death and dismemberment insurance

In the event of a death, the entire amount elected will be paid to beneficiaries; however, if dismemberment occurs, the pay-out will vary based on the type of injury. You can elect coverage for yourself from 1x up to 5x your base annual earnings, to a maximum of $500,000.

short-term and long-term disability insurance

Employees may purchase short- and long-term disability insurance to assist in meeting their personal financial needs in the event they are unable to work due to a non-work-related disability. Contributions for disability coverage are withheld from your pay on an after-tax basis.

employee assitance

All employees are automatically covered under our Health Advocate Employee Assistance Program. In addition, employees have access to other valuable voluntary benefits through the Hyatt Legal Plan.

commuter benefit program

All employees are eligible to participate in the Randstad Commuter Benefit Program, which allows you to use pretax money to pay for qualified commuting expenses, up to the IRS limit.