The 3 big reasons IT job seekers should use a recruiting agency

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  • August 26, 2016
In a recent survey conducted by Randstad Technologies of IT professionals, nearly 90% of the respondents indicated they would either definitely or probably use a recruitment agency when looking for their next job. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to people familiar with the current IT job market.

Here are three big reasons why IT job seekers should be using a recruiting agency.

Many positions aren’t listed on job boards

Many firms have grown frustrated with relying solely on their internal abilities to identify and attract the skilled technical talent they need. Even though job boards and social networks and sites such as LinkedIn are still widely used by both candidates and employers, they don’t help firms with the time-consuming task of pre-screening candidates – which can be a huge waste of time (and money) for internal HR and IT personnel. As a result, many jobs are never listed on boards or networks and are only filled by recruiters in part to relieve internal resources of the responsibility of pre-screening. 

Career and skills growth opportunities

Given the pace of technological change and the emergence of new specialties in such areas as DevOps, big data, the cloud, mobility, IoT, etc., employers find it useful to be able to turn to a recruiting firm that understands their needs, the technical specialty, and the evolving labor market. Candidates for IT positions increasingly understand that by leveraging the capabilities of a high quality recruiting firm they acquire access to networks and opportunities they would never access on their own. In addition, they also can avail themselves of value-added services provided by the recruiting firm such as interview preparation, resume writing, career coaching, labor market knowledge, etc. 

Help throughout your job search 

Somewhat ironically, the vibrant demand for IT talent is often making the candidate’s job search more complex. For IT professionals, sorting through opportunities, assessing their fit for a specific position and company, and accepting a position that best suits their career goals and personal aspirations requires skills and insights not usually acquired as part of their daily job duties. With nine out of ten IT workers indicating their inclination to work with an external recruiting agency to find their next job, it’s clear that they appreciate the dynamic nature of the current IT job market and the benefits of working with high caliber IT recruiting professionals.

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