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  • April 26, 2017
Hop onto Randstad’s website right now and you’ll find more than 3,000 office and administration job postings. Which one is going to be yours?

Who are employers looking for?

Each year, Randstad publishes a list of the hot jobs in office and administration that predicts the most in-demand positions for the coming year. There’s a lot of market research that goes into the list, including analysis of U.S. economic projections and our own staffing data.
Predictions are important and can drive the education and ongoing training of job candidates. But well into the second quarter of 2017, we are seeing tangible trends in the positions employers are trying to fill.
These are the jobs you’ll find throughout our job boards:

How to land your hot job

Use to keep you updated on what’s available. You can even sign up for job alerts to receive daily or weekly listings of available jobs, filtered by your job category of choice, your position type (temp, temp to perm, etc.) and sorted by date.
And even though it takes a few extra steps to create an account, it’s worth your time. Our recruiters will have your resume as openings become available and can contact you immediately. Nothing available now? No problem, they can keep your resume and information handy as employers’ needs change.
You can even make your LinkedIn profile accessible to your recruiter with the click of a button. 

Look ahead

In the meantime, look for any and every opportunity to diversify your skills. Office and administrative professionals are often expected to have exposure to project management platforms, social media, website management and more.
Partner up with a friend and do a little knowledge exchange over coffee or sign up for a free webinar or online course.
Keep your options open and skills sharp, and take advantage of time-savers like signing up for job posting updates and partnering with a recruiter who can be your biggest advocate. 

Good luck!