2017 finance and accounting
hot jobs.

Randstad’s employment experts have an extensive understanding of hiring trends and national and local market fluctuations. Using our vast knowledge of the workforce, we’ve predicted the six best accounting and finance jobs for 2017.

As companies and organizations continue to grow and expand due to the rebounding economy, the need for accounting and finance employees also increases. These professionals are essential in helping businesses manage the profits they’ve made and effectively plan and budget for projected growth in the future. Candidates should be able to find open positions in a variety of locations across the country; however, competition may be higher in certain markets where they are more qualified job seekers.

finance and accounting national data

six best finance and accounting jobs for 2017.

Randstad collected data from our expert recruiters to determine the hot jobs that will be most in demand over the next year. Our team of experts looked at a variety of current workforce trends, including number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need for specific skill sets to predict the six best jobs in the finance and accounting field for 2017. After carefully considering this information, Randstad anticipates the following roles to be the careers in demand for finance and accounting:

best in-demand jobs

accounting clerk

Accounting clerks assist accountants in all matters of financial planning and budgeting. These roles generally involve bookkeeping and balancing and tend to require less initial experience compared to other best jobs. Good accounting clerks tend to be highly organized with general ledger software skills. Search for accounting clerk jobs in your area.


Staff, junior and senior accountants help ensure an accurate financial record for organizations, including profits, expenses and taxes. The specific job duties of this position vary greatly depending on experience and level of role. Competition can be high for this role in certain markets due to a high number of qualified candidates. Search for accountant jobs in your area.


Financial, business, junior and senior analysts are a vital piece to any organization’s successful financial planning. These professionals identify trends using market research and a company’s financial history to recommend solutions or strategies to improve profitability. Candidates in these roles typically have specific training and at least a bachelor’s degree. Search for analyst jobs in your area.


Accounting, finance and project managers oversee teams and projects that ensure an organization’s financial sustainability. There is a high number of postings for this best job in many markets across the country, including some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia. Search for manager jobs in your area.


Directors, managers and SOX auditors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and legality of an organization’s financial records. These professionals are also tasked with identifying poor-performing objectives and opportunities for growth based on audit reports. There tends to be a greater number of this best job in bigger markets where organizations are headquartered or have large offices. Search for audit jobs in your area.

VP finance/controller

Vice presidents of finance and controllers hold a large amount of financial responsibilities within an organization. These professionals oversee all projects within the financial department and act as a direct contact between the accounting team and executives. Organizations generally are looking for candidates with CPA certification, but this is not always required. Search for VP finance/controller jobs in your area.

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