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Randstad’s employment experts have an extensive understanding of IT hiring trends and national and local-market fluctuations. Using our vast knowledge of the technologies workforce, we’ve predicted the five best IT jobs for 2017.

The IT field continues to experience a boom in technological breakthroughs and innovation, and as such, the demand for the best jobs has never been higher. However, this rapid growth is also leading to thousands of available IT positions in some of the nation's most tech-savvy markets: Washington DC, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose and Boston. It should come as no surprise that the salary range in these cities tends to be greater compared to smaller markets. Finally, due to the high demand of technology professionals and the number of qualified candidates currently on the market, the IT market is experiencing a lower unemployment rate compared to the national average.

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five best IT jobs for 2017.

Randstad collected data from our expert recruiters to determine the hot jobs that will be most in demand and emerging over the next year. Our team looked at a variety of current workforce trends, including number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need for specific skillsets to predict the five best jobs in the IT field for 2017. After carefully considering this information, Randstad anticipates the following five roles to be the careers in demand for IT:

best in-demand jobs

big data engineer

The growth of the IT field due to advancements and innovation has led to an increased need for big data engineers — who build and maintain the data processors for companies across the country. Postings for this best job in October 2016 were up 68 percent nationally compared to the same time in 2015. Search for big data engineer jobs in your area.

full stack developer

IT organizations continue to have a strong need for full stack developers — the professionals who help manage a company's front-end and back-end technologies. The majority of these hot jobs are located in the major metropolitan areas where large organizations are often headquartered, such as New York and Los Angeles. Search for full stack developer jobs in your area.

security engineer

Just as organizations hire security guards to protect their physical property, demand is growing for professionals who help companies protect digital property. Security engineers help develop systems to prevent data breaches and keep confidential information safe. As of October 2016, there were more than 9,000 national job postings for this best job. Search for security engineer jobs in your area.

IoT architect

A relatively new role in the IT space, Internet of Things (IoT) architects are quickly becoming among the most popular hot jobs in technologies. These professionals assist with the development and execution of applications and information across a wide variety of technical devices. Postings for this best job jumped 41 percent in just one year. Search for IoT architect jobs in your area.

VR engineer

Due to the recent increase in popularity of virtual and augmented reality applications and systems, it's no surprise that VR engineers are currently in high demand. As of October 2016, there were less than 5,000 potential candidates in the workforce, but you can expect that number to increase as more organizations embrace the virtual reality trend. Search for VR engineer jobs in your area.

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