2017 office and administration
hot jobs.

Randstad’s employment experts have an extensive understanding of hiring trends and national and local market fluctuations. Using our vast knowledge of the workforce, we’ve predicted the four best office and administration jobs for 2017.

The surging economy has increased the demand for office and administration employees. As organizations grow and expand, they are adding more of these imperative roles — which help ensure a company’s profitability and success. These workers are increasingly asked to take on more responsibilities, so candidates with specific business training and experience will have a competitive advantage for some of the most popular positions. With thousands of job openings all across the country, the need for these professionals remains strong in both large and small markets.

office and administration national data

four best office and administration jobs for 2017.

Randstad collected data from our expert recruiters to determine the hot jobs that will be most in demand over the next year. Our team of experts looked at a variety of current workforce trends, including number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need for specific skill sets to predict the four best jobs in the office and administration field for 2017. After carefully considering this information, Randstad anticipates the following roles to be the careers in demand for office and administration:

best in-demand jobs

customer service representative

Customer service representatives communicate with consumers regarding services, orders and complaints. Organizations are looking for candidates who will positively represent them, so good people skills are a must for this position. There are thousands of job openings for this best job in a variety of markets across the country. Search for customer service representative jobs in your area.

administrative assistant

The role of an administrative assistant goes beyond the traditional stereotype of a secretary. These professionals may be responsible for managing calendars, taking meeting minutes, preparing travel arrangements and handling expense reports. Candidates for this role must have exceptional organizational and time management skills. Search for administrative assistant jobs in your area.


Receptionists are often the first point of contact that many clients and customers will have with an organization. These professionals are in charge of answering and routing phone calls and providing company information to visitors. The need for receptionists is increasing as organizations grow and open new offices; job positions for this best job jumped 11 percent in just one year. Search for receptionist jobs in your area.

executive assistant

Executive assistants are vital to the success and preparedness of executive and C-level management. These professionals help organize schedules, plan travel arrangements and events, manage expense reports and provide overall assistance as needed. Competition can be tough because the majority of these positions are located in larger markets with a larger supply of candidates. Search for executive assistant jobs in your area.