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New technology has driven demand for engineers as the industry evolves to keep up with the latest standards and trends. From more traditional engineering jobs to some more specialized ones, see what jobs employers are eager to fill.

top in-demand engineering jobs

1. robotics engineer

job description: A robotics engineer designs plans for the creation of robots. Researches and determines a robot's function and chooses how the robot will complete tasks. Evaluates robotic prototypes to determine performance of mechanisms, components and systems.

skills or certifications needed: electrical tooling, programming, toolsmithing, fanuc, web programming, machinist, design, production

average salary: $107,254

low: $86,606

high: $123,571

skills or certifications needed:

  • electrical tooling
  • programming
  • toolsmithing
  • fanuc
  • web programming

2. civil engineer

job description: A civil engineer plans, designs and oversees civil engineering projects, such as airports, bridges, buildings, channels, dams, harbors, irrigation systems, pipelines, power plants, railroads, roads, sewage systems, tunnels and water supply. Analyzes reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, tests and aerial photographs on soil composition, terrain, hydrological characteristics and other topographic and geologic data to plan and design project. Calculates cost and determines feasibility of project based on analysis of collected data, applying knowledge and techniques of engineering and advanced mathematics.

skills or certifications needed: CAD, drafting, engineering, autoCAD, development, civil 3D, supply chain, project management, planning, communication skills

skills or certifications needed:

  • CAD
  • drafting
  • engineering
  • autoCAD
  • development

average salary: $108,627

low: $85,813

high: $131,651

3. electrical engineer

job description: An electrical engineer researches, develops, designs, tests and evaluates electrical components, equipment and systems, applying principles and techniques of electrical engineering. Designs electrical equipment, facilities, components, products and systems for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. Designs, and may direct engineering personnel in, fabrication of test control apparatus and equipment and determines methods, procedures and conditions for testing products.

skills or certifications needed: electrical systems, electrical design, power distribution, engineering design and installation, electrical tooling, problem solving, autoCAD, planning, teamwork, project management

skills or certifications needed:

  • electrical systems
  • electrical design
  • power distribution
  • engineering design and installation
  • electrical tooling

average salary: $114,277

low: $92,626

high: $130,595

4. petroleum engineer

job description: A petroleum engineer plans and designs equipment and processes to achieve the maximum profitable recovery of oil and gas. Prospects for reservoirs containing oil or natural gas. Collaborates with geologists and other specialists to understand the geologic formation and properties of the rock containing the reservoir, determine the drilling methods to be used and monitor drilling and production operations. Develops well drilling plan for management approval. Utilizes computer models to simulate reservoir performance using different recovery techniques and effects of various drilling options.

skills or certifications needed: communication skills, planning, collaboration, problem solving, project management

skills or certifications needed:

  • communication skills
  • planning
  • collaboration
  • problem solving
  • project management

average salary: $146,807

low: $117,762

high: $196,447

5. project manager

job description: A project manager directs, coordinates and functionally heads planning, organization, control, integration and completion of engineering projects within area of assigned responsibility. Plans and formulates engineering program and organizes project staff according to project requirements. Assigns project personnel to specific phases or aspects of a project, such as technical studies, product design, preparation of specifications and technical plans and product testing in accordance with engineering disciplines of staff.

skills or certifications needed: project engineering, project management, autoCAD, solidworks, project management, communication skills, microsoft office

skills or certifications needed:

  • project engineering
  • project management
  • autoCAD
  • solidworks
  • project management

average salary: $105,088

low: $77,311

high: $135,189

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