4 steps to win over your potential new co-workers

  • interviews
  • October 17, 2016
As one of the final parts of the interview process, the hiring manager may have you meet your potential teammates to see how you interact with the group. This is one of the most telling signs of whether or not you’ll be a good fit. No matter how you did during your previous interviews, if your potential co-workers don’t like you, you’re sunk. 

A good boss will evaluate your interaction and get feedback from the rest of the team to gauge whether or not you’ll be a positive addition to the staff. Even if you’re the most qualified candidate, a good rapport with the rest of the department is critical to the success of the team.

Here are four steps to make them want you as a member of their team.

Listen and learn

When meeting your potential new colleagues, first and foremost … LISTEN. This is your golden opportunity to peek into what the job is really like on a daily basis. An interview with co-workers will probably be the most accurate assessment of what you can expect if you join the team. This isn’t the time to recite your life history. Of course, answer any questions they have about you but know they aren’t ready to hear all the details just yet. 

Engage everyone

Ask questions and talk with every member of the team. Find out how you could best play a part in making the team successful. You want to show them that you are a collaborator and hope to be a great asset. Make it a point to talk to everyone, especially that person that is sitting alone and isn’t really engaging with you. That person could be the one that the boss trusts the most to provide honest feedback. 

Steer clear of gossip 

Whatever you do, do NOT engage in gossip or negative comments. Some employees might try to sabotage your job offer by exploiting your negative attributes. Don’t ask, “So what’s it REALLY like here?” That’s a quick way to get shown the door. You want to make a favorable impression by asking lots of pertinent questions to show your curiosity in learning about the job and how you can be a contributing member of the team. 

Always say thank you 

Finally, thank them for their time and effort in showing you the job and meeting everyone on the staff. You want them to be able to picture you as one of their future co-workers. With the right approach, you’ll garner rave reviews that they’ll relay to the boss.  

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