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healthcare salaries and benefits: are you staying competitive?

The 2014 Randstad Workplace Trends and Salary Guide includes detailed, geographically based salary data for healthcare and clinical skill sets. We hope you find this guide to be a valuable tool for recruitment, retention, and compensation planning.

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salary guide

National information for a selection of clinical healthcare positions that are in demand.

trends in retention

Turnover rates and how to retain talent in the healthcare industry.

trends in recruiting

What tools are your competitors using to find and hire top talent.

insight from 2,000 executives

Partnering with the global research firm Ipsos and the Economic Research Institute (ERI), our guide highlights the results of a proprietary survey of nearly 2,000 U.S. business leaders and professionals. It provides you with a true measure of compensation packages for 2014.

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The skills shortage is particularly noticeable within healthcare, with almost three-quarters (72%) of healthcare hiring managers noting a lack of skills within the current workforce.

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