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pharma workplace trends: are you staying competitive?

The 2014 Randstad Workplace Trends report details workforce trends specific to the pharmaceutical industry. We hope you find this guide to be a valuable tool for recruitment, retention, and compensation planning.

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contingent employment

How the framework of the pharma workforce is changing.

trends in retention

Turnover rates and how to retain talent in the pharma industry.

trends in recruiting

What tools your competitors are using to find and hire top talent.

insight from 2,000 executives

Reflecting the input of approximately 2,000 U.S. business leaders and professionals, our guide provides you with a true picture of current workplace trends throughout the pharmaceutical industry. 

inside the guide

Of all business executives surveyed, pharma hiring managers are most likely to report an increase of employee departures, with nearly two out of three (63%) noting rising turnover in their organizations. This compares to just over half (52%) of professionals in other business sectors who cite the same trend.

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