a network of millions

We recruit from a network of over 2 million IT professionals who have interviewed at our branches, spoken to our recruiters or applied to one of our jobs online. We know IT pros, and they know us. learn more

Firms throughout the United States, ranging from high-tech start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations, rely on Randstad to strengthen their competitive positions. We provide staffing services to companies across the US including:

  • Aircraft/aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Banking/financial
  • Defense
  • Government/public sector
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical/biotech
  • Retail
  • Software development
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • and more

30 years staffing IT, and only IT.

Randstad Technologies has spent the last 3 decades recruiting and placing IT professionals who power business. Our team is comprised of over 450 IT recruiters who place IT professionals and no other skill sets. learn more

For over 30 years, our approach to IT staffing has developed with the changing demands in the workplace. We apply our in-depth understanding of the industries in which we operate to perfect our recruiting process and delivery model - that's the foundation of our business. Whether contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent placement, Randstad Technologies works with our clients' requirements, goals, and objectives to deliver the exceptional talent they've come to expect.

our clients love us

Inavero has recognized us 5 years running with its "Best in Staffing" award for distinction in customer satisfaction. We're among less than 2% of staffing firms with satisfaction scores high enough to earn this title. learn more

Our high service quality was recognized by the Inavero List of “Best in Staffing” for client satisfaction. With a Net Promoter Score of 63.7%, clients voted us twice as high as the average staffing industry rating of 33%. We believe that by over-delivering on expectations to clients, we drive the best results possible - our IT staffing sector is no exception.

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how we find the right
people, right now

dive into the local candidate pool

We're not only specialized in IT staffing - we're specialized in your local talent market. With over 60 branches throughout the U.S., our recruiters know the local IT pros, and they'll start sending you right-fit candidate profiles almost immediately. learn more

We ensure that our IT staffing is top-notch with our thorough recruiting strategy. At the heart of Randstad’s delivery model is a robust six layer IT recruiting strategy that includes local, regional, national, international, strategic client recruiting teams, and alliance supplier network. Working closely with our clients, we tailor a recruiting delivery program to fuel their business by utilizing a combination of our flexible recruiting solutions.

put your company’s best foot forward

Every year, we commission a study on employer brands. We uncover data on what makes an employer attractive and use that information to get IT professionals excited about your job opening. learn more

Randstad helps employers recruit and retain the best talent in the market by giving them insight into the perceptions and preferences of potential employees. It gives organizations the information necessary to improve their image so that they can attract the kind of people they want and to keep their workforce engaged and motivated, which is a vital factor for business success.

get your interviews done in a day

It’s easier to compare candidates and choose the best ones when their interviews are fresh in your mind. It also saves you money by speeding up the hiring process. That’s why we aim to schedule multiple interviews in one day. learn more

Clients turn to Randstad when they have an urgent need for a specific technology skill, or they want locate expert, hard-to-find talent. Our Company-In interviewing process maximizes your time as well as the candidates'. This additional speed enables you to ramp up your team as quickly as your project demands, make faster hires, and snag high-demand candidates who aren't on the market for long.

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permanent staffing

how we find more IT professionals

Advertising on job boards puts your opening in front of only a fraction of the total IT talent pool. Our recruiters talk to thousands of IT professionals every day and tap into the power of their networks to find more of the best-fit candidates. 

how we put your company's best foot forward

Using geographical job demand data, aggregate job search queries and Randstad-commissioned workforce studies, we accentuate the qualities of your company that will yield the most interest for your opening.  

much more than just a resume

A resume gives you the skeleton of a candidate. Our candidate profile fleshes out the candidate with work history, skill proficiency, salary requirements and motivation for leaving their current job, all before you make the decision to interview.    

contract staffing

deeper network of IT contractors

Contractors know other contractors. At Randstad Technologies, we are able to tap into the power of contractor networks because we have placed and keep in touch with hundreds of thousands of IT contractors. 

company-in interviewing

Hire contractors as quickly as your project demands. Our Company-In interviewing process maximizes your time by scheduling multiple contractor interviews in a single day. With their responses fresh in your mind, you can make better, faster decisions without wasting time.

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