2017 salary guides:
are you offering enough to attract great candidates?

Are you offering enough to attract great candidates? Will your best talent be lured by a competitor willing to pay market rate? Our 2017 Salary Guides provide a benchmark for assessing the strength of your pay rates. We invite you to browse the guides' contents and connect with us to discuss how we can help you build a strong team or find your next great hire.

is your offer appealing?

Salary and benefits ranked as the most important factors when seeking a new employer, regardless of demographic.

Online tools have educated job seekers by giving them instant access to what they are worth.

The job market is hot, and talent often have options. Offering less than market pay rate will make you less attractive to candidates.

Don't second guess whether your pay rate is competitive. Find out now by downloading your copy.

beyond salary

additional insight on workforce transformation

Read our Workplace 2025 report to learn why 68 percent of employers believe that, by 2025, a majority of their workforces will be employed in agile arrangements.

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