A Company’s Strategic Business Differentiator When Competing for Top Talent

  • employer branding
  • April 08, 2013
  • Honest communication
  • Respect
  • Recognition
We all know what makes someone attractive to us. But have you ever stopped and thought about what makes a company attractive to you? Is it just about competitive salary and good benefits? Or is it more? What about the atmosphere? That’s important, right? At Randstad, we wanted to know – what factors go into deciding where you want to work next? 

We surveyed 7,000 people from across the United States to find out. The top five most important factors that over half of potential employees selected when deciding where to work next: salary, atmosphere, job security, work-life balance and convenient location. Job seekers find jobs that make good use of their skills, the acquisition of new skills and when their ideas are valued to be the most interesting. We also found that the main reasons for employee turnover are due to a lack of compensation (61%), lack of career opportunities (25%) and unpleasant work atmosphere (17%).

Interestingly, our findings indicate that an employer brand is made up of far more than the messages that are put out to the universe. 
To a large extent, a company’s employee population and customer experience dictate what it stands for. 

A company can creatively position themselves but if the compensation, opportunities and atmosphere aren’t there, well the employees will be more likely to leave and to go a more “attractive employer.”  

They’re going to go to one of the companies we’ve found attractive – one of the Randstad Award recipients. Why? Because it’s about more than what you say, it’s about what others say about you.

To see the full study and read more about employer branding, go to randstadusa.com/workforce360.