Infographic: Employer Branding 2014

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  • June 17, 2014

Harness the Power of Employer Branding

With the advent of social media and increasing awareness of the power of employer branding, the voice of the employee is quickly gaining volume and clarity.

And by listening closely to this rising voice, business leaders can gain a competitive advantage in the vigorous fight for talent by aligning their business goals with employees' needs and preferences.

“Ask any CEO their main priorities and ‘attracting and retaining talent,’ will generally appear in their top three,” said Employer Brand International Chairman and CEO Brett Minchington in a recent SmartRecruiters article. ”Employer brand strategy provides a way forward for organizations to ensure they can attract and retain the talent required for growth.”

So, how do you measure an employer brand? You start by asking the workforce what they’re looking for in an employer—which is exactly what Randstad did in its annual U.S. Employer Branding Survey of over 11,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65. The subsequent Randstad Award is given to those companies recognized among survey respondents as having strong employer brands.


Enter: The Randstad Award

Unlike “Best Places to Work” surveys or “Employer of Choice” recognitions, the Randstad Award and its results are unbiased. No company can pay to be included and it does not reflect the opinions of those already employed by a given company. Instead, it measures relative attractiveness among respondents who know the company and the percentage of respondents who would like to work for the organization.

This year, in addition to asking which factors make for a good workplace and which industry sectors are most popular among employees, the Employer Branding Survey also gathered data regarding which personality traits are most attractive in an employer, until what age Americans are willing to work and how long of a commute they’re willing to endure.

In an increasingly competitive labor market, attracting and retaining talent remains a pressing issue for business and HR leaders. The Randstad Employer Branding Survey helps employers understand the range of factors that influence career decisions and the role of employer branding in attracting human capital that best fits and contributes to the strategic objectives of an organization.


Insights to Power Today’s Workplace

To download the full U.S. country report and to view the 2014 top 20 most attractive employers, visit the Randstad Awards webpage.