U.S. Employee Confidence Brightens In August

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  • September 05, 2013
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Confidence among U.S. workers continued to show strength in the month of August, according to the Randstad Employee Confidence Index.

According to the online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Randstad, optimism among workers increased around both the economy and job security, with the Index rising 1.7 points to 58.0 in August.

Given the widespread optimism about the job market, job security and workforce, it comes as no surprise that fewer employees are likely to look for a new job than in July (down four percentage points to 32%). The study also showed that three-in-five (61%) respondents are confident in the future of their current employer.


Employer Confidence Continues Its Upward Trend

“The August numbers were notably strong and continue the positive trend we have seen over the past few months, starting in April when confidence figures reached pre-recession highs,” said Jim Link, managing director, Randstad U.S. “This is significant as we seldom see a scenario where nearly all indices indicate an improved outlook.”


Engagment Efforts Must Remain A Priority Among Employers

Added Link, “It is also important to note that although fewer workers expressed interest in job searching, this does not exclude the possibility of top talent passively searching for other opportunities or being recruited to other organizations. It is widely known that many industries are experiencing critical shortages in skilled talent.  This is a very real problem, and in fact, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported in a recent survey that two-thirds of organizations are having a hard time recruiting for specific job openings. Skilled employees are definitely in the driver’s seat and we would expect this trend to continue despite what micro and macro events happen around us.”

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