Manufacturing Employees: Confident and On the Move

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  • August 27, 2013
  • Employer Confidence
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  • Employee Confidence

The Randstad Manufacturing Employee Confidence Index, a measure of overall confidence among manufacturing workers, increased 0.9 points to 51.9 in the second quarter of 2013, according to an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Randstad.

In addition to the increase in confidence levels, over four-in-10 (44%) manufacturing workers say they are likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months, rising 18 percentage points from the previous quarter.

In fact, manufacturing came in with the highest Job Transition Index (those indicating an interest in job searching) out of all industries examined by Randstad in the second quarter, which includes IT, healthcare, engineering, office and administrative and finance and accounting.

Confidence Among Manufacturing Workers Hits Pre-Recession Highs

“This quarter’s report underscores that manufacturing workers have a real sense of optimism about the number of career opportunities that exist today,” said Phyllis Finley, Executive Vice President at Randstad US. "Given this environment, employers need to deploy targeted engagement strategies that keep talent from taking other attractive offers.”

Workers More Confident In Available Jobs, Less Confident In Future of Their Employers

The number of manufacturing workers who believe more jobs are available rose a notable seven percentage points, increasing from 21 percent to 28 percent in the second quarter. Yet, fewer employees are confident in the future of their employers. In fact, this was the sole area where a decline (47% down from 53%) among manufacturing employees occurred between the first and second quarters of 2013.

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