The Administrative Role Redefined

  • jobs & the economy, workforce insights
  • November 04, 2016

Office and administration (O&A) workers have always been a vital part of any business, but they’ve long operated away from the spotlight. These positions have been known to quietly keep companies running smoothly and efficiently through filing and scheduling duties, but the office admins of today looks different than they did 50 years ago.

The responsibilities of O&A workers now more closely resemble middle management than support staff, thanks to both the recession and technological advancements that caused organizations to operate with fewer employees taking on additional duties.

Today’s office admins are tasked with increasing responsibilities, are trusted to represent their companies and have more potential for growth than their counterparts in previous decades. In fact, more than 2,000 hiring managers had this to say in our most recent Workplace Trends survey:

  • 87% ask their admins to take on larger roles and more responsibility.
  • 80% believe O&A professionals are highly influential as brand ambassadors.
  • 62% say O&A positions serve as a springboard to higher level positions.

Discover how the role of administrative support has evolved throughout the years.