Workers secure in their jobs, not the economy

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  • October 09, 2012

Workers confident in their jobs & employers
US employees remained confident in the futures their employers and their jobs last month, but are less than impressed with the current state of the economy.

Randstad’s employee confidence index inched up in September, closing out a quarter where employees felt more optimistic about the security of their jobs and the stability of their employers, but less optimistic about the condition of the US economy.

  • 74 percent of workers felt secure in the stability of their current employer (71 percent in August)
  • 63 percent felt confident about the future of their employer (59 percent in August)


The jury is out on the U.S. economy
Throughout the second quarter of 2012 workers sentiment of the US economy has fluctuated, marking neither signs of improvement nor decline among employed adults during the three month span.

  • 73 percent of employees believe the economy is getting weaker or staying the same
  • 53 percent believe there are fewer jobs available to them today then 12 months ago.
  • 45 percent of employees are confident in their ability to find a new job.


Randstad Employee Confidence Index
Randstad’s Employee Confidence Index rose 0.8 points to 52.4 in September, and was 7.6 points higher than the year low of 44.8 in September 2011. According to the Index, employees are feeling more confident in the future of their current employers and are indicating a higher level of job security than this past August. In fact, 56 percent of workers report that they are not planning to job search in the next 12 months even though more indicated a greater sense of optimism in their ability to find alternative employment.

Look Inside the Report:

Employee Confidence Edges Up

  • The Employee Confidence Index increased by 0.8-points in September, registering at 52.4
  • This is 7.6 points higher than the confidence level recorded one year ago


Employees Remain Split Around Confidence in Economy

  • Just over one quarter, 27 percent, of workers believe the economy is getting stronger, (versus 26 percent in August)