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how to attract, retain and engage Gen Y and Gen Z


What motivates and inspires Gen Y and Gen Z? By knowing what drives the upcoming workforce, organizations can shape their talent attraction strategies and be seen as an employer of choice.

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Keeping talent on the job requires understanding their values and what motivates them. Check out the differences between Gen Y and Gen Z when it comes to retention.

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Your employees perform best when they're engaged in their day-to-day work. Find out how your company's culture and offerings can appeal to the Gen Y and Gen Z work ethic.

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defining Gen Z

Gen Z's are between 5 and 20 years old

Born between 1994 and 2010, the Z generation currently ranges from approximately 5 to 20 years of age. Which means they are our children, our babysitters, our nieces, our nephews and even our brothers and sisters.

our focus: those who are entering college and the workforce

The Gen Z’s we wanted to learn about are young individuals ages 16 to 20—meaning those who currently are in high school or have recently entered college or the workforce.

Gen Z is looking to be mentored

As the new kids on the block, Gen Z’s will of course need some guidance as to the rules of the game, and to our surprise, that’s exactly what many of them want. Randstad's research shows that Gen Z is hoping to find a mentor relationship with their employer and is looking for honest leaders who can show them the ropes.

the more we learned, the more Gen Z surprised us

The picture we unveiled of Gen Z’s in the United States shows a group of caring, eager realists who are surprisingly interested in face-to-face communication and motivated by opportunities to share their ideas and learn from others.

find out what you need to know about Gen Z in the workplace

To find out more about the newest generation poised to join the working demographic by 2015—Randstad US and Millennial Branding recently conducted the first worldwide study to compare the workplace preferences of Gen Z and Gen Y (21 to 32 years of age).

about the survey


  • Research findings are based on a survey fielded in the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom between April 9 and April 24, 2014. 
  • For this survey, 1,005 respondents aged 16–20 (Gen Z) were asked about their thoughts on their future employment and workplace environment, while 1,016 respondents aged 21–32 (Gen Y) were asked about their thoughts on their current employment and workplace environment. 
  • For each country, at least 200 respondents were surveyed with a minimum of 100 within each age group. 
  • The survey was completed through GMI’s Global Test Market double opted-in panelists who have registered to participate in online surveys.
  • All sample surveys may be subject to multiple sources of error (i.e., sampling error, coverage error, measurement error, etc.).

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