Top Ways Employers Can Help Women Workers Advance

  • women powering business
  • February 11, 2014
  • Equal Pay
  • Leadership Positions
  • Family

What are the top three most beneficial ways in which companies can help women advance? 

Equal pay, more visible female leadership and more family-friendly work policies, according to male and female respondents to the latest Randstad US Employee Engagement Index study.

Take a closer look at the survey results:

  • When asked about the top ways in which their company can best help women advance to leadership levels, not surprisingly, equal pay was cited most often among women (49%) and men (37%).
  • Having more women in leadership positions was the second most cited (named by 34% of women and 31% of men).
  • More family-friendly work policies was the third most cited overall, selected by 31 percent of women and 26 percent of men.
  • The fourth way was more leadership development programs for women, named almost equally by women and men (25% and 24%, respectively).
  • Men and women differed significantly on their opinions on number five on the list, with 28 percent of women and just 20 percent of men noting thatgreater flexibility in terms of scheduling/telecommuting would help in the advancement of women.

Want to read more about the rise of women in the workplace? Read Randstad’s new whitepaper, Women Shaping the World of Work: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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