2014 Hot Jobs: Engineering

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  • February 11, 2014

2014 Hot Jobs: Engineering Jobs

According to CareerBuilder, mechanical engineers were one of the most in-demand careers within the past year, with a growth rate of six percent since 2010. Case in point: CareerBuilder notes that there are only 19 active candidates on its site for every 100 jobs posted.

There is a talent gap surfacing in the engineering sector as more Baby Boomers retire from the industry and not enough students graduate with degrees within this field. As a result, demand for engineering professionals is expected to increase significantly over the next decade, making it a hot job for years to come. Candidates who wish to stand out from the competition for engineering jobs and advance or break into new fields should get as many industry certifications as they can on their resumes. Median salaries for these careers range anywhere between $58,000–95,000, depending on a variety of factors.

Engineering is one of very few fields that will always be a vital element to technological and business advancement. Some of the hot jobs to pay close attention to in 2014 are control engineering, process engineering and quality engineering.

#1 Control Engineering Jobs

Taking our top spot in this year’s 2014 Engineering Hot Jobs list is control engineering. According to CareerBuilder’s Supply and Demand  Portal, this engineering job is a hard to find skill set, with a job-to-candidate ratio of three jobs to every one candidate.

Control engineering has diversified applications that include science, finance management and even human behavior. 

According to a recent CareerBuilder supply and demand report, 53 percent of active control engineers seeking new opportunities have a bachelor’s degree and over 27 percent of active control engineering candidates have master’s degrees. 

The median salary range for a control engineer is $66,000 with the top quartile earning over $95,000 a year.

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#2 Process Engineering Jobs

The runner up in the 2014 Engineering Hot Jobs list is process engineering, or recently termed chemical engineers. 

The median salary range for a process engineering job is $76,000 with the top quartile earning over $95,000 a year. 

Demand for professionals in the process engineering field has stayed consistent over the past 12 months, with there being an uptick in job postings the latter half of 2013—especially in the San Jose, CA and New York, NY.

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#3 Quality Engineering Jobs

Rounding out our 2014 Engineering Hot Jobs list is quality engineering. 

This job title spans several industries and is a critical skill set to the automotive and manufacturing verticals. 

With an average salary ranging from $58,000 to over $83,000, this is a hot engineering job to be in for 2014, and beyond.

According to CareerBuilder’s Supply and Demand Portal, there are on average two qualified quality engineering candidates for every four job postings, which makes finding the right talent difficult. 

In general, professionals in the quality engineering field have a bachelor's degree (53%) and more than 32 percent have a master’s degree. 

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Industry Expert: Hot Jobs in Engineering Vital to Technology and Business

“There’s always a need for mechanical and chemical engineers, as well as electrical engineers,” said Richard Zambacca, President of Randstad Engineering. “And, naturally, when there’s a lot of construction going on or federal funding for large scale, cross-country initiatives, the need for civil engineers heightens even more. Engineering is one of few fields that will always be a vital element to technological and business advancement.”

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