Attracting top administrative talent

  • workforce insights
  • May 19, 2017
When you are searching for top office and administration talent, a few key considerations will make your process much smoother.

Pay well.

Offering competitive salaries is a must if you want to attract skilled administrative professionals since they will likely receive multiple job offers. Offer compensation and benefits that properly align with responsibilities. Research what those jobs pay in your local market through Randstad’s employment research and BLS data. 

Move quickly. 

Slow decisions can mean losing top talent. Taking shortcuts isn’t the answer, but dragging out the hiring process isn’t either. Research the role and local market conditions so you’ll more easily recognize right-fit candidates. Your recruiter can recommend an appropriate timeline for the hiring process.

Make introductions.

Administrative professionals place a high premium on their relationships with managers and coworkers. Introduce your candidates to the team to give them a better feel for the environment. Set up brief interviews where candidates can ask their prospective colleagues questions.

Offer interesting work.

When it comes to career aspirations, Randstad’s Workplace Trends study found that one in four administrative professionals felt that gaining a wide range of skills is most important. Offer candidates opportunities for growth that reflect their interests, whether it’s assisting with the budget or your company’s social media channels. Be sure to mention these potential opportunities during the interview.

Be flexible.

Increasingly, workers expect more flexibility in the workplace — and administrative professionals are no exception. In fact, the Workplace Trends research finds that 84 percent of office and administrative professionals reported that a potential employer who allows individuals to work where and when they want was very or extremely attractive. If possible, offer your administrative staff remote work options or alternate hours. It could be the deciding factor for a candidate.