Cause and Effect: What’s Behind The IT Skills Gap?

  • workforce insights
  • August 21, 2013

IT Skills Shortage: The Domino Effect

The term “skills gap” is popular among employers these days, underscoring the growing divide between available jobs and properly trained workers.

While jobs are booming in the IT sector – especially in the areas of big data, network infrastructure and cyber security – hiring managers are struggling to find employees with the right skills and talent to fill these key positions.

So what’s at the root of the skills gap? It’s like a domino effect—and it all starts in the classroom. With 70 percent of the nation’s school children rated “less than proficient” in math and science, it’s no wonder that a new generation of employees are entering the workforce ill-equipped to handle highly specific and technical jobs.

One key to bridging the skills gap is continuing education. As a recent Forbes article puts it: “The line between the years we learn and the years we earn has blurred; to stay relevant, workers must train nonstop.” Both employers and employees alike must make training and education a priority to ensure that workers are armed with the right set of skills to succeed on the job.