IT Workers: Engaged and Committed, But Likely to Leave

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  • August 23, 2012

BOSTON, May 8, 2012 - A study released today by Randstad Technologies and Technisource, a Randstad company, shows IT employees tend to be engaged at work and loyal to their organizations, yet over half (53 percent) plan to explore other employment options when the job market picks up.

Findings from the latest Randstad Engagement Index show that IT workers display more volatility than other employees when it comes to their intentions to leave their current jobs. Despite this, three-quarters of IT workers are proud to work for their organizations and 75 percent are inspired to do their best everyday.

"With engagement remaining steady and strong for IT workers, employers need to be sure they do not take their employees for granted. Companies should be aware of potential turnover even among their most engaged and top performing employees, especially as more jobs in the industry continue to open up and the market becomes increasingly competitive,” said Bob Dickey, EVP of Technologies at Randstad U.S., Professionals.

“Employers should also be careful not to confuse engagement with worker retention. Our Study results underscore that IT workers, although engaged and satisfied, are more apt to consider leaving their current jobs than employees in any other industry sector. This speaks volumes on the need for employers to truly understand what motivates this talent and how to carefully balance the desire to scale back on various workplace incentives, with the need to have a workforce that wants your business to succeed just as much as you do."

Key findings:

6 Components of Engagement:

The Randstad Engagement Index is built around six components that measure drivers of engagement, helping employers gauge the success of their efforts and identify current and future needs.

  • 76 percent of IT employees are proud to work for their company, up 6 percent from last quarter
  • 63 percent of IT employees enjoy going to work every day, 5 percent less than employees surveyed overall
  • 75 percent of employees feel inspired to do their best each day
  • 68 percent of IT employees feel their efforts at work are recognized and valued, 5 percent higher than employees surveyed overall
  • 67 percent indicate they trust their company leadership to make good decisions for the workforce, up 4 percent from last quarter
  • 67 percent of employees believe their company shares their values

Additional findings:

IT workers on the job market:

  • More than half, 59 percent, of IT employees believe the job market will pick up in 2012 (5 percent higher than employees overall)
  • 80 percent of employees feel secure in their employment (5 percent higher than employees overall)

IT workers feelings towards the future:

  • More than three-fourths, 77 percent, believe their company has a great future
  • 64 percent believe their company is making the right investments now in their workforce for the future
  • 60 percent report being only a little or not at all concerned about having to take a pay cut

The Randstad Engagement Index, previously named the Attachment Index, measures the attitudes and perceptions impacting employee engagement within companies today. The findings represent IT employees’ priorities, concerns, outlook and intent around both their current employer and future career plans. The study targets employees to help employers further understand and better engage their workforces.

Link to Infographic:

The Randstad Engagement Index is comprised of findings from quarterly waves of research targeting employees and annual surveys of employers. The fourth wave of findings was conducted February 10-20, 2012. A national sample of 3,063 adults aged 18 and older who are currently employed full time from Ipsos’ U.S. online panel were interviewed online, including 319 employees working in the IT sector.

Weighting was used to balance demographics and ensure samples reflect the U.S. population of working adults.

Employees and employers were surveyed to compare notable differences in perceptions and attitudes. Multiple waves of research allow for trending and to track changes in perceptions and attitudes over time.  Research into employee attitudes and perceptions will be conducted quarterly.

Research into employer attitudes and perceptions will be conducted on an annual basis.

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