Pharma Karma

  • workforce insights
  • October 02, 2013

A bit of background

The pharmaceutical landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years. The patent cliff and the subsequent investment in generic drugs have left a skills gap in the industry.

Pharmaceutical companies took action in light of the development and regulatory challenges they faced—and it has altered the future of pharma. Call it karma, call it the reality of the new age of medicine, but today’s drugs and what it takes to develop, produce and market those medications needed around the world has created a deficit of talent.


Pharma professionals: resilient, resourceful

Those who have accepted the challenge are some of the most engaged employees in the workforce. They’re innovative, resourceful and ready to seize the day—and the payout, well, it could be huge.  

In the United States alone, the pharma industry is expected to reach $345 billion in 2014.  The world is watching pharma, and it’s promising to be nothing short of revolutionary.

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