The Time is Right for Flexible Leadership

  • workforce insights
  • September 11, 2013

In our current economy, a new kind of corporate agility is required: costs, infrastructure and benefits must be kept to a minimum and constant innovation is essential. No company can carry all of the possible resources and specialized expertise that’s needed to set it apart while also staying ahead of the competition.

The most notable response to this demand is the flexible leadership model: bringing in seasoned, specialized talent at the leadership level to customize solutions to common dilemmas, address business-critical needs or manage a turning point in company growth cycles. This kind of experienced talent represents a major opportunity for companies to meet highly specialized needs while building a strategic advantage. With this flexible talent pool, the impossible scenario of running a lean company that innovates in a fast-moving world suddenly seems more achievable.

Bringing in flexible leadership to support your most critical business initiatives is often overlooked as a solution to pressing business needs. However, the business environment and the workforce are both evolving in a way that perfectly aligns with leveraging this model. In this white paper, Tatum, a Randstad company, offers a view on why now is the time to think about bringing flexible leadership into your organization.