U.S. Workers’ Job Predictions for 2012

  • workforce insights
  • December 15, 2011

Employees positive for New Year but worried about receiving less benefits, raises.

A recent study released by Randstad delivers new insights on employees’ predictions on career and job prospects for 2012. Of the U.S. workers surveyed:

  • 48 percent believe their companies will cut benefits.
  • 41 percent believe their companies will lay off workers.
  • 24 percent are willing to lose bonuses or work long hours to keep jobs.
  • However, 74 percent agree that their companies have great futures.


The study, Randstad’s Employee Attachment Index, measures employee engagement and retention. Overall, the Index details that slightly more employees report enjoying going to work this quarter and slightly more would accept a new job offer within the next six months. The findings can help companies better understand employees’ priorities and concerns as they plan staffing for the next year.