Want to Get Ahead In Finance And Accounting? It's More Than Numbers

  • workforce insights
  • September 04, 2013
Today's world of finance has nudged out the bean counter and embraced the creative, industry-leading finance and accounting professional; the numbers guru who is able to talk accounting and business. There’s no longer room for the back-room, number-crunchers. 

While balancing the books will always be a key skill in the financial world, hiring managers are keeping an eye out for a new kind of professional.

Call it the evolution of the finance and accounting employee.

These days, in order to be considered a hot commodity in today’s job market, finance and accounting employees must polish up on a new set of skills. They must be effective communicators, team players, have the ability to analyze risk and they must be innovative thinkers. 

‘New Economics’ Rule The Industry
Forbes notes that employees who focus solely on numbers will get left behind. “The bean counting is the consequence of a view of the world as consisting of “things” to be manipulated, rather than people to be interacted with and conversed with and responded to. The new economics counts the people dimensions as well as the beans.”

Bright Forecast For Finance and Accounting Professionals -- Especially New Grads
A bright employment market awaits finance and accounting professionals who embrace these skills. 

In fact, hiring is at an all-time high for accounting graduates. According to Randstad’s Finance and Accounting Employee Confidence Index, more accounting professionals believe the job market is looking up, with 31 percent of employees surveyed saying more jobs are available, compared to 20 percent of employees the previous quarter.