make your company ergonomically correct.

  • workforce insights
  • November 11, 2014
When reaching overhead for an item, does your neck twinge or ache? Or when you leave work, do you have shoulder, back or hip discomfort? Improper ergonomics can turn these descriptions into painful realities for workers and painful operational and financial consequences for employers. The good news is that industrial organizations have many opportunities to create and reinforce employee awareness about ergonomic safety and, in the process, become “ergonomically correct.”

What are proper ergonomics? In the workplace, proper ergonomics align a job’s physical demands with both the surrounding work environment and the specific tools and equipment required on the job. The result is a workplace specifically designed and engineered to reduce bodily stress that might trigger pain or injury. Ergonomic injuries are one of the leading contributors to work-related injuries and missed days of work. Industrial organizations have many opportunities to create and reinforce employee awareness about proper ergonomics and workforce safety.

Download the whitepaper and view our infographic to learn more about making your workplace ergonomically correct.