At Randstad, our goal isn’t just to provide you with skilled workers as soon as the need arises. It’s also to provide you with talent that is properly trained and held accountable to safety standards. We take our commitment to safety very seriously and, as such, developed an exclusive Safety Smart program so our clients can benefit from an evaluation of their overall safety programs to identify areas of opportunity, ensure compliance with federal and state OSHA regulations and offer best practices in order to avoid injuries.

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Randstad Safety Smart

nationwide team of experts

Our experienced health, safety and environmental professionals are committed to mitigating workplace hazards and maintaining compliance by effectively building safety cultures.

Randstad Safety Bio 1

Employer spotlight: Todd Dreby

Territory serviced: North Central, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Coastal regions
Experience: 22 years in the safety and risk field

“A successful client partnership is one where we have strong, ongoing communication and engagement and can share our ideas to increase safe and profitable business.”

Randstad Safety Bio 2

Employer spotlight: Colleen McLaurin

Territory serviced: West region
Experience: 16 years in the safety and risk field

“Workplace safety is multi-faceted and involves confirming candidates’prior work experience, enforcing zero tolerance for disregard of company policies, providing job specific training and understanding the positive power of employee engagement.”

Randstad Safety Bio 3

Employee spotlight: Carlos Espino, CSP

Territory serviced: Florida and Texas
Experience: 11 years in the safety and risk field

“The journey to a world class safety culture starts with a solid foundation: training, hazard recognition and control, employee engagement and management commitment.”

Are you taking advantage of Randstad's Safety Smart Program?

Connect with us today to learn how you can benefit from our complimentary Safety Smart program. Resources include:

Safety icon 1Safety & risk consulting and assistance in incident investigation

Safety icon 2Design & implementation of behavioral-based safety programs 

Safety icon 3Guidance related to injury and illness prevention

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