supporting you
through COVID-19.

we're following guidelines and monitoring the crisis

Select Randstad branches are open but limited due to the restrictions that allow us to go safely back to work in this new normal. No matter the environment, all Randstad branches are ready to serve you.

  • Randstad US employees have remote access to company tools and resources. They're still reachable and available to you.
  • In-person meetings will be limited. Interactions will take place over phone, email, instant message or video conferencing where possible. If an in-person meeting is necessary, additional precautions will be enforced.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to make updates.

job seeker toolkit

From ways to find a new role to tips for staying productive while working remotely, these resources will help you stay focused and healthy during this difficult period.

frequently asked questions

how to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic
how can i avoid getting sick?
what do i do if i think i’ve been exposed to COVID-19?
the client company i work for has no proper hygiene products. whom should i address this concern with?
i’m pregnant and don't feel comfortable going to work and risking exposure to COVID-19. what should i do?
concerns and guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic
should i tell others at my work location about possible exposure to COVID-19?
am i required to tell others about my future or past travel plans?
if someone at my work location has COVID-19, am i required to go to work?
will randstad notify management at my work location that i’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or that i am sick?
can i be forced to go home if the client suspects i have COVID-19, but i feel fine?
time off and pay questions
will i be paid if i don’t go to work due to illness or possible exposure to COVID-19?
if i’m sick or think i may be getting sick, can i take a sick day?
will i still get paid if i skip work due to my concerns about COVID-19?
if the client company temporarily closes the warehouse/office where i work, will i get paid?
if the client company temporarily closes, will i have to use my accrued PTO and/or sick leave hours?
will randstad pay me for time missed due to COVID-19 under the families first coronavirus response act (FFCRA)?
where can i get a required travel letter when stay-at-home restrictions are initiated in my state?
testing positive for COVID-19
how long do i have to stay home if i get COVID-19?
if i contract COVID-19 and i’m out of work, am i required to have a doctor’s note showing i’m fit to return to work?
if i get sick, will i be ineligible to return to my current assignment and/or be denied from consideration for future assignments?
medical benefits coverage
will my health insurance cover the costs of COVID-19 treatment?
alternative work options
can i work from home?
stay-at-home orders
there is a stay-at-home order where i live, and the client i work for is considered essential, but my role is not. what should i do?
return to the office/worksite
what is randstad doing to ensure my safety as i return to work?
will randstad provide me with a face covering?
i need to come to the randstad office. are there any special guidelines i need to follow?
i’m not comfortable returning back to the office. what are my options?
i want to wear my face covering in the office/worksite, but the client is telling me no. what can i do?
additional information
where can i get more information?

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