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overview: 2020 was an interesting year for tech leaders, to put it mildly. Never before had technology been so tightly interwoven into the very fabric of how and where business gets done. Never before were tech leaders called on to implement new systems on the fly with business continuity—and in some cases, even the fate of the organization—hanging in the balance.

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1. New Thinking Around L&D

When it comes to upskilling, reskilling and learning and development opportunities, it's surprising just how many organizations have been slow on the uptake. It is encouraging, then, to see signs that the experience of mass remote work during the global pandemic, which brought the value and importance of digital transformation into sharp focus, may be helping to change that.

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graig paglieri
graig paglieri

Graig Paglieri

graig paglieri is the ceo of randstad technologies group and managing director of global professionals.