randstad inhouse services case studies.

partnering to improve workplace safety at The Father's Table. 

Improving safety awareness and preventing injuries is a critical focus for any manufacturer, but especially for The Father’s Table. Year-over-year, Randstad Inhouse Services reduced accidents, lost time, injuries, and the number of employees on light duty. 

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growth strategy for an educational assessment company.

Retention of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is always a challenge. Randstad Inhouse Services successfully hired and retained 735 employees who had previously worked for the client through Randstad
during past peak seasons. This strategy saved the client 18,773 hours in productivity time and $253,936 in employee payroll costs.


adding value to tier 1 automotive supplier.

The global financial crisis in the automotive industry resulted in a significant production decline for this tier one supplier. These conditions forced them to rethink their cost structure – starting with their labor
costs. Laying-offa portion of the full-time workforce based on seniority proved to be highly problematic for the client. Workers' compensation claims and absenteeism increased, which had an adverse impact on
productivity and, ultimately, the client’s profitability. Clearly, a change in strategy was required.

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talent transition process.

Today, more than ever, organizations face workforce management issues that challenge their long-term profitability and growth. Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) provides the quality talent that organizations need to remain competitive. More than just talent, RIS seamlessly and cost-effectively manages the entire transition to a better workforce solution. Starting with a clear vision and effective communication of the changes to come across at all levels of the operation, RIS integrates, mitigates and manages so that you don’t have to.

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improving safety at Robert Bosch El Paso.

Robert Bosch El Paso was experiencing numerous incidents of workforce accidents and facility property damage. Despite implementing preventive measures, such as increasing safety communication throughout the workforce and holding structured pre-shift safety meetings, the accident trend did not slow. Randstad partnered with the Bosch El Paso management group to change workforce culture, expectations and habits by holding all individuals personally accountable for their safety record and commending team members when they met established safety milestones.

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reducing risk and improving cost control at Electrolux Major Appliances.

Electrolux executes all aspects of production from raw materials to shipping finished goods and is challenged with managing unpredictable spikes in seasonal demand. Poor planning can cause slowed fulfillment, operational inefficiencies, high turnover, safety violations and decline in service levels. Randstad successfully reduced turnover, filled 100% of the orders during peak season, and produced significant cost savings for Electrolux.

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