high-volume talent management

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Competing in a global market, as well as local markets, isn’t easy. Your high-volume business is driven by production fluctuations, seasonal changes, new product launches, the addition of new locations, and even reinvented business models when the world unexpectedly changes, as was the case during the pandemic. You need a temporary workforce that can keep up with the unique rhythms of your business. When market conditions change, you need to scale up or down swiftly, with pre-vetted talent who bring the right skill sets at the right time.

RIS specializes in serving dynamic organizations that require a high volume of workers. Our recruitment and HR experts work alongside you to manage your end-to-end talent acquisition and resource management processes. As your trusted partner, we work with you to adapt and manage your workforce to meet changing market and business conditions. Together, we ensure your business is equipped for anything.


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what it's like working with RIS.

how we reduce your costs

  • a dedicated, onsite account team streamlines your processes and improves the efficiency of sourcing, hiring, onboarding, redeploying and offboarding talent 
  • a custom multi-channel sourcing strategy and end-to-end metrics ensure hires are the right fit and reduce time-to-fill 
  • productivity is increased through predictive analytics and workforce planning tools
  • customized KPI reporting
  • providing access to an experienced, award-winning team of risk & safety management professionals who establish policies and procedures to mitigate workplace health and safety issues and focus on continuously improving your processes

how we adapt to your business

  • data reporting is aligned with your organization’s KPIs—we monitor relevant trends and insights to predict your specific talent acquisition requirements and plan for production and market changes, future wage increases and workforce deployment 
  • talent engagement strategies and performance reviews are industry-specific and tailored to your organization’s employee evaluation criteria
  • data collection methods are adaptable to your organization and support a variety of identification methods to improve security, reduce risk and accurately process payroll
  • a cloud-based, automated onboarding solution that’s fully customizable to your organizational needs and security policies

how we engage talent

  • face-to-face selection interviews that leverage our people-first approach 
  • online and in-person orientation for all new employees to get them familiar with your workplace and and ensure readiness for the work assignment
  • programs to recognize employees such as on-site talent appreciation days and employee-of-the-month awards
  • on-the-job coaching to highlight strong performance and make course corrections where needed 
  • talent satisfaction surveys to gauge how workers feel about your organization and find ways to improve engagement
  • assignment extension opportunities and redeployment opportunities ensure workers feel secure
  • communication tools such as newsletters and town halls keep workers informed

how our workforce scheduling tool works

  • 24/7 access to talent through a completely automated app - when a shift is uploaded, it’s automatically sent to available workers
  • through the app, high-volume employers have instant access to a large pool of temporary workers pre-vetted by Randstad, ensuring shifts are filled in a timely manner
  • the process is 100% automated to quickly identify workers who are available for a shift, even on short notice, such as same-day shifts
  • the app provides a streamlined experience for workers who can accept or decline a shift on the spot without any back and forth with a shift planner

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