new year, new you.

  • career advice
  • January 08, 2018

Continued growth in manufacturing and logistics jobs means that 2018 will bring plenty of new opportunities for qualified candidates. With all of that opportunity, why not make the focus of your New Year’s resolution both personal and professional growth? Here are five steps to achieving a new you in the new year.

identify (and overcome) a weakness.

You don’t have to completely reinvent yourself. Consider your past as well as your future, and take some time to reflect on how 2017 went for you. Were there things you wanted that didn’t pan out? Keep in mind that anything you have control over, you can change. And the more difficult or painful the weakness you choose to work on, the more rewarding it will be to overcome.

manage your time more effectively.

From working in manufacturing and logistics environments, you know that time is often tied to measurements of efficiency. Outside of work, your time should also be spent with goals in mind. Focus on time management, which touches everything from how much sleep you get each night to how long it takes you to commute to work. If you need help in this department — and don’t worry, you definitely aren’t alone — there are any number of new tools and apps — focus booster, Toggl, Remember the Milk and so on — for you to explore.

put fresh ingredients in your diet.

From loaders and pickers on up to production line supervisors, many manufacturing and logistics roles require you to be active and on your feet most of the day. So when your shift ends, hitting the gym is probably the last thing you want to do. But there’s more to good health than biceps and triceps. How do you stack up when it comes to diet and nutrition? To find out, check out the USDA’s MyPlate SuperTracker, a tool that allows you to track and score your eating habits — so you can challenge yourself to eat healthier in the new year.

focus on communication.

Good communication skills are a key to success in any industry. But whether you’re shy and introverted or a veteran toastmaster, there are simple tactics you can use to improve your communication skills. In fact, you might just see a big difference in how people respond to you. For starters, when you’re at work, always speak clearly and directly. Also, try to think ahead and anticipate possible questions or responses. And don’t be afraid to let your coworkers know what you’re working on; explaining a process to a coworker is a great way to reinforce your own understanding of it. By actively working to develop good communication habits like promptly returning emails and voicemails, you can make great communication second nature.

rebuild your resume.

Change can be contagious. With all that energy going into the brand-new you, it makes sense to also explore new career opportunities. A resume that uses the right keywords can definitely set you apart, as long as you make sure you avoid these common resume blunders. After the resume refresh, working with a staffing company like Randstad is another smart way to gain access to new opportunities throughout the new year.

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