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Randstad recognizes its accountability in shaping the world of work for our clients, talent, community and shareholders. We grow each day through the energy and creativity brought by our diverse workforce.

the impact of diversity.

Our differences push us forward as a company and a team. Diverse ideas, cultures and perspectives break down those subconscious barriers and help build a team of more well-rounded employees.

about randstad

our mission

Our mission is to ensure fairness, equality and diversity in attracting, hiring, compensating, motivating and promoting a top performing workforce. We strive to know and understand the development needs of our leaders and employees while delivering innovative programs meeting these needs. As an organization, Randstad works to mirror the rich diversity of the communities in which we live, work and serve.

our goal

We aim to develop and sustain a culture of inclusion and fairness where every employee feels valued and revered for their ideas, background and perspective. Our efforts ensure that our business benefits society as a whole in accordance with our core value of simultaneous promotion of all interests.

our efforts

We are uniquely positioned to champion diversity as a means of creating new opportunities for employment and economic development on a national scale. Our leaders embrace the commitment to inclusion as a fundamental business strategy.

our approach

Our success is directly tied to the diverse backgrounds, skills and experience of our employees. Valuing those differences, our strategies proactively invite and promote inclusion while driving our ongoing commitment to supporting causes that reflect our employee and community interests. This has also led us to develop programs that present clients with a way to meet their diversity goals while offering minority-owned suppliers opportunities to deliver quality products and services.


Inclusion is a reflection of our company culture where every individual feels valued, respected and supported. Our willingness and the ability to recognize, understand, respect and then fully utilize the unique contributions of each individual, to help them achieve their highest potential. Inclusion is what will lead to innovation because the right conditions are in place for individuals to share their ideas.


Diversity is the act of acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing and celebrating differences among people with respect to age, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practice or veteran status.

vendor relationships

With significant investments and executive-level sponsorship, our vendor diversity program develops key partnerships aligned with our customers’ needs. Through standardized identification initiatives, qualification and ongoing performance monitoring, we ensure that engaged vendors deliver the same levels of quality and service provided by our company. 

  • Formal qualification process: using proven recruiting and staffing procedures, Randstad ensures that diverse affiliate vendors are appropriately certified. 
  • Association involvement: as National Minority Supplier Development Council and Women Business Enterprise National Council members, Randstad leverages these relationships to identify diverse vendors certified by and affiliated with these associations. 
  • Key market development: via association involvement and ongoing relationship management, our representatives in key markets focus on developing a preferred network of vendors to form meaningful partnerships with the market’s most outstanding diverse vendors.
  • Online affiliate vendor repository: we track and manage performance capabilities for each vendor, enabling us to efficiently manage program objectives. 

We're committed to propelling the workforce forward in the communities in which we operate. 

benefits of being a randstad supplier

Randstad has developed a supplier community across the globe of more than 5,000 existing supplier partnerships. As needs arise, we leverage those relationships into our programs to support and meet the expectations of our shared customers. Building collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships between Randstad and our partners is essential to ensuring long-term, successful relationships.

We value our supplier partnerships and as a Randstad supplier, you benefit from:

  • Self-service supplier registration and account maintenance
  • Improved communication via messages, including support of electronic attachments
  • Ability to access data from one location
  • Opportunities to increase your exposure with Randstad customers
  • Improved service 

are you a supplier interested in registering? 

If you are interested in registering with Randstad in the United States so that we can contact you for future partnership opportunities, please visit our registration page to begin the process.

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