Over 60 years ago, Randstad’s mission was crafted with the intention of promoting and representing the interests of all people. The company is well regarded as a joint venture that reflects the dynamic needs of our society. Collectively, we believe that society thrives when a labor market thrives. So too will people with a fulfilling job. We also understand the energizing power of feeling valued, respected and inspired. That’s why we reaffirmed our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace where we harness the power of diverse thought, experience and backgrounds.

Today, this foundation of respect, inclusion, safeguarding labor and human rights and valuing our differences is operationalized within three strategic pillars that guide our path forward:

  • workplace
  • marketplace
  • business

Download your copy of the report to take a closer look behind each of these pillars and learn what you can do to further the cause of EDI&A throughout the workplace.

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