Frustrated by struggling with a variety of Windows 7 issues, this professional sporting event organization decided enough was enough and began migrating to Windows 10. Worried that the migration might require skills they lacked internally and that it would disrupt their business operations, they turned to Randstad Technologies for our technical insights and extensive operating system migration experience.


Working closely with the client, we developed a plan tailored to their operations that would have them up and running Windows 10 quickly, without disrupting their users’ work routines. Randstad applied their proven migration process to:

  • deploy new laptops and desktops throughout the organization
  • provide users white-glove service to ensure they were productive and satisfied with version 10
  • deliver integrated data migration, next-day support and call center services at four locations
  • work with individual end users to teach them new features and functions and to ensure their systems were running properly
  • follow the client’s procedures in decommissioning their old equipment


By turning to Randstad Technologies to handle their Windows 10 migration, this client avoided the technical hurdles and business disruptions that an operating system migration can create. Their days of struggling with Windows 7 were finally over.

Highlights of the engagement included:

  • attaining increased user productivity and access to new applications
  • reducing downtime caused by data migration and problem resolution
  • completing the migration on schedule with no user or business disruptions
  • helping this client move forward with migrations on 11 additional sites

Ready to see how Randstad Technologies can help you migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Get in touch with one of our migration specialists to learn more.