Persistent performance issues were plaguing the enterprise applications teams at a leading financial institution, leading to a host of undesirable outcomes: project delays, missed delivery deadlines, rising development costs and worse. Compounding the issue, the client had inaugurated a fundamental technology shift, shuttling front-end application code in favor of the Angular technology stack, which meant development teams would be developing or rewriting code in an unfamiliar technology — a worrying proposition.

Concerned, the client reached out to Randstad to build an overarching performance team, one that could not only provide guidance, oversight and analysis, but once and for all resolve those pesky performance issues, too.

randstad technologies solution

Randstad built a multifaceted performance team, focusing on skills in design, development, enterprise performance testing and change and process management in order to best serve the client’s application teams. Key details of our approach included:

  • generating performance guidelines and best practices governing Angular development, .NET web API development, deployment, performance and field testing, process management and more
  • providing hands-on performance support to teams struggling with Angular coding, field-level testing, testing strategies and performance thresholds


The team from Randstad not only put to rest the client’s performance issues but engineered a host of wide-ranging improvements along the way. Highlights included:

  • effectively collaborating with 12 different application teams to resolve performance-related issues during the first nine months of the engagement
  • developing a SharePoint communication portal that featured guidelines, best practices, case studies, diagnostic guides and testing approaches
  • identifying solutions and presenting the new capabilities to groups of 20 to 30 IT managers, in addition to delivering training seminars to 250 unique IT resources

No matter the scope or scale of your challenge, Randstad can step in and deliver immediate value for your business today. Get in touch with us to find out how.