Stress at work is a common tale, but it doesn't have to be yours. Learn how empathy, flexibility and the right support can change the narrative.

A strong economy and low unemployment rates don't shield workers from overwork, stalled career progression and other workplace stressors. Such stress can deepen into mental health challenges and dampen enthusiasm and productivity at work.

This isn't something we should accept as “just part of the job.” Managers who champion their team's well-being can turn the tide. Good leadership can stop minor issues from escalating and cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued, motivated and happy.

Here are some office coping mechanisms to encourage employee well-being:

take care of yourself

To be there for your team, you've got to manage your own stress first. Keep tabs on your well-being, especially if you notice warning signs like sleeplessness, quick temper or constant tiredness — and keep an eye out for these in your team, too. Lead by example with the office coping mechanisms you embrace. For instance, openly taking your full allotment of PTO encourages your team to feel comfortable doing the same, reinforcing the message that rest is crucial for sustained performance and well-being.

lead with empathy and openness

Show genuine empathy by sharing your own journeys through stressful periods, illustrating that it's OK to feel overwhelmed. By showing you're approachable and understand your team’s pressures, you encourage a culture where everyone feels safe to voice their struggles.

Keep the tone positive and focused on solutions. Maintaining professionalism is also vital. While sharing relatable insights from your professional experience is helpful, steer clear of sharing personal life details in a work setting.

champion time away

Encouraging your team to take both short breaks throughout the day and substantial time off for vacations is vital. It’s not just about logging off but genuinely unplugging,  ensuring team members are physically and digitally disconnected from work pressures. Make it a policy to respect vacation time by not reaching out unless absolutely necessary.

embrace workplace flexibility

As the trend toward Return to Office (RTO) picks up, remember it's not one-size-fits-all. What works for one firm may not fit yours. Focus on what enhances your team's productivity and their work-life balance. Whether it's tweaking start and end times or reshaping the workweek for an early start to the weekend, small adjustments can make a big difference. It's all about being open and inventive with how work gets done. Showing you value their time and well-being will not only be appreciated but will also inspire your team to thrive.

bring in reinforcements when needed

In the rush of busy periods or big projects, drafting in contract professionals can be a game-changer. It lightens the load on your core team and injects a burst of new energy and fresh ideas. Interim professionals often have a wealth of cross-industry experience, opening up avenues for knowledge sharing with your permanent staff.

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