Adopting agile processes to deliver transformative change requires the right methods, approach, training, and resources. For years, we have helped companies of all sizes institute and upgrade agile practices. This responsive approach to delivering technology allows your teams to improve products and services continuously over time.

Our expertise and resources include:

  • Agile transformation: A proprietary agile capability maturity model and a supporting transformation methodology help our clients to thoughtfully implement agility.
  • Agile training: As it is critical to establish baseline knowledge that enables personnel to adopt agile best practices, we provide a range of professional development, from executive overviews to certified Scrum Master, product owner and design thinking.
  • Agile software engineering: Our technical expertise enables agility through test-driven development, pair programming, DevOps, emergent design, refactoring, and automated testing.
  • Agile coaching and teams: From one-off coaching sessions to fully managed agile teams, we provide the flexibility and governance to help you scale based on demand.

agile capability maturity model

Agile Capability Maturity Model

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