what is a digital marketer?

Digital marketing differs from print marketing in that you market solely on the internet. Virtual ads grab potential customers' attention as they browse the internet, making them want to learn more. Your job is to increase traffic to your client's website and social media profiles, earn more social media followers and create ads that translate to sales.

Your responsibilities may include:

• managing your client's social media account

• creating engaging social media posts that increase follower counts

• writing web copy for advertisements, products and websites

• generating memes and viral videos

• utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising opportunities such as Google Ads

• perfecting your client's Google Maps profile

• writing and sending marketing emails

• incorporating SEO keywords into your client's website

• writing blog posts for your client's site

• optimizing your client's site for mobile use

You may check out your client's competitors to see what makes them successful, then apply these techniques to your customer's business. Digital marketers also use analytical tools to gauge their success. Doing this lets them know what to keep using because it works and what to adjust because it doesn't. Business owners might hire you to create advertisements in the short term or sign a long-term contract to manage their marketing efforts and monitor the results.

Would working as a digital marketer suit your sales skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a digital marketing role.

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average digital marketer salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that marketers make an average of $135,030 per year. Digital marketers on the lower end make about $61,250, while salaries peak at $208,000.

factors affecting salary

Your specialty influences your yearly salary. People who work with scientific and technical companies, large corporations and insurance providers typically make the most. Big businesses have the largest budgets, but you'll need years of experience or a high-end firm to attract major players like Walmart and McDonald's. New marketers generally find success with small businesses that have smaller budgets but more work available.

Salaries also depend on whether you charge per project or by the hour. Weigh the benefits to see which option is more profitable. If you work long hours, charging an hourly fee could add a few thousand dollars or more to your salary. However, you might prefer charging per project if you work on small projects independently.

Additionally, your work situation determines your salary and benefits. Independent contractors don't get benefits, but you may receive tips and bonuses from satisfied customers. Working for a digital marketing agency usually entitles you to benefits plus the possibility of bonuses and overtime pay.

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male working at the office
male working at the office

types of digital marketers

Masterclass notes that some marketers specialize in one field, such as copywriting and graphic design. This allows you to hone your talents and get paid for your passions. Specialized marketers work alone or join digital marketing agencies so that they can work alongside people with other skills.

management roles

You can also use your leadership skills by becoming a manager or creative director. In this role, you plan projects, strategize with their clients, perform research and oversee a team of agents. You'll keep your employees focused and on track, guiding them to complete projects on the client's schedule.


working as a digital marketer

Digital marketing offers a lot of flexibility. You can choose where to work, how to work and which projects to focus on. Your field has a positive outlook as more businesses sign up for e-commerce.


digital marketing skills and education

Employers often prefer a bachelor's degree in a related field. Earning a bachelor's degree means learning about market research, psychology, technology, communication, writing, editing and other skills that help you succeed. If you're just starting out, having a bachelor's degree gives you an advantage over other applicants.

male using stylus to work on desktop computer
male using stylus to work on desktop computer

FAQs about working as a digital marketer

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital marketers.

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