A global diagnostics, life sciences and applied markets solutions provider was looking to lead the charge in COVID-19 testing. After acquiring a hospital and repurposing the facility to support COVID-19 testing and analysis, the client shifted its focus to finding the right talent to power it. However, the need to hire was so enormous that going it alone would have cost valuable time and resources. With public health on the line, and the need for robust testing infrastructure growing more pressing, the client turned to Randstad for support.


The client needed to fill 1,200 positions, many of which required significant education and training — all in a local market with limited resources. Randstad immediately got to work sourcing talent from our network in and around the target area. To bolster our hiring efforts further, we launched a marketing campaign to bring in additional applicants, instituted a referral program and focused on attracting talent with the necessary academic credentials who were looking for a breakthrough opportunity to get clinical lab experience.


Within the first 60 days, Randstad helped the client hire 135 candidates which helped get testing capacity up to 150,000 samples analyzed per day. The candidates ran the gamut from entry level sample-takers to higher-level experts like RNA extraction specialists and DNA analysts. Due to the high number of hiring requests, the engagement is ongoing and on track to continue meeting the client’s talent needs throughout the testing facility. Leveraging our personalized, consultative approach, we’ll remain in close contact with the client, enriching our partnership further to ensure that demand for testing continues to be met.

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