client challenges

  • A European-based aircraft manufacturer wanted to implement an ARINC 653 based Utility Management System (UMS) in its next generation business jet.  
  • Their original supplier had fallen more than two years behind and was struggling developing compliant artifacts and a working prototype.


Randstad assigned a team of subject matter experts on ARINC 653 based systems to assess the system. Then build a team of 40+ engineers to:

  • Redesign, implement and help certify a new platform.
  • Develop and test 24 applications to control key functionalities of the aircraft including Engines, Flaps, Spoilers, Trims tabs, Electrical Power Generation and Distribution, Ice Protection, Environmental, Navigation, Landing Gear, Displays and more.
  • Designed and qualified per DO-330, a test environment used for Software and HW/SW integration testing. It provided Hardware In the Loop (HIL), Software In the Loop (SIL), full simulation and debug capabilities.
  • Performed full hardware software integration.
  • Completed full verification of the cross channel software developed by another vendor.
  • Supported generation and submittal of final verification artifacts.


  • Within eight months, updated the platform and most critical applications, allowing ground and flight tests to begin.
  • Within a year, updated all artifacts into compliance passing SOI2 with no findings.
  • Recovered from the initial delay allowing aircraft deliveries per original plan.
  • Creative suggestions and solutions resulted in significant savings for the customer.
  • A flexible and unique test environment supported various types of life cycle testing, reducing  significantly training and verification costs.